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Sunday, 10 January 2016 18:33

Creative Power

Written by

Training workshop HEART CODE POWER created and presented by Tina Poitras, Olympic athlete, entrepreneur, and certified coach

Get back to the heart of who you are and help create a world of joy and success. It is your birthright!
In a society which is increasingly subjected to stress, anxiety and doubt, it is crucial to fall back on your true inner bearings through heart intelligence.

Did you know that your heart contains 40,000 brain cells at its core? It is encoded. Your heart knows how to succeed free of fears and doubts, it knows how to be peaceful and happy. It guards your life’s mission and helps you achieve and celebrate it in all your unique colours. However, you must be receptive enough to tap into this generous gift you were given at birth. You have to know the rules of the game of life in order to live fully.

THE INTENTION behind the 21-day method we propose is for you to become your own coach… and co-creator of your life once again.

This unique immersive 21-day coaching program, our guide and Heart Code tools will appease your heart and conscience. They have been designed specifically to increase your vibrational frequency on a daily basis:

  • You will begin to amplify the listening skills and transparency necessary to decrypt the Heart Code. You will learn how to congruently synchronize your mind, thoughts and emotions, and resubmit them to your Heart.
  • You will learn to work with Namasté’s 8 universal laws in order to raise your vibrational frequency and achieve the abundance that you dream of.
  • You will become aware of your self-sabotaging behaviours... in order to transform them and free yourself of them through the principle of immersion.
  • As you become increasingly aware, your life will transform itself right before your eyes.
  • You will learn to measure your progress according to the circumstances you bring about around you.

Two full days of training, followed by a 3-week support program which offers 6 immersion elements:

1. 21 days of guidance to overcome a spiritual challenge of your choice:  Rigorous studies have shown that actions must be performed repeatedly during a minimum of 21 days in order to develop and integrate a new neural pathway towards changing your thoughts and behaviours. Our added value is the powerful 21 days of guidance which follow the workshop, so as to ensure your progress by clarifying the reality you hope to achieve and by refocusing on the basics every day: your awareness of the present moment and the inner reality you wish to create from the heart!

2. Pair up - In a spirit of family and solidarity, participants will partner up and provide one another with support throughout the 21-DAY CHALLENGE.

3. Training booklet - You will learn how to use your booklet effectively, which is a precious daily self-analysis tool full of exercises, to help you discover your limiting beliefs and action/reaction mechanisms throughout the 21 days of the challenge. You will learn to measure your progress by analyzing the events which you attract, deprogramming your self-sabotaging mechanisms and replacing them with new more favourable reflexes, despite the hustle and bustle of your daily life.

4. 21 motivational messages: Every day of the 21-day challenge, you will receive an email with motivational content which will help you achieve the reality you hope to create.

5. Guided meditations: During the workshop, you will receive 8 audio files containing guided meditations/visualizations to help you further heighten your awareness of your creative centre:

  • Master the art of physical relaxation,
  • Activate your vibrational frequency as soon as you wake up and align yourself with your heart’s priorities,
  • Transform your limiting beliefs,
  • Eliminate self-sabotage,
  • Become one with your inner strengths,
  • Reconnect with your inner child and let go of past pain,
  • Re-establish a healthy connection with money and let go of financial obstacles,
  • Purple flame meditation.
  • INCLUDES: An audio file of a powerful creative visualization method focusing on your Heart’s core (method used by Tina on a daily basis in preparing for the Olympic Games).

6. Weekly coaching: Weekly personalized 1-hour coaching conference calls with Tina Poitras to help further clarify the concepts covered during the workshop and resolve emerging issues which stand between you and your objectives.
7. Two-hour group celebration at the end of the program in honour of the leaps you have made in terms of awareness and in order to clarify the next steps in your journey.
Who was this workshop designed for?

We recommend this training workshop if:

1. You are DISSATISFIED or IMPATIENT with certain aspects of your life. Things are not going the way you would like them to and you are DYING TO MAKE A BIG CHANGE as quickly as possible.
2. You are having a DIFFICULT TIME, you feel WORRIED, STRESSED, HURT or DEPRESSED, and you would like to undergo a MASSIVE TRANSFORMATION so as to finally find PEACE, HAPPINESS and considerable SUCCESS in quickly building your life.

This training program is the perfect complement to your quest to surpass yourself. It will have a major impact on your personal and business potentials. If you carefully follow the steps presented in this program, your life will be transformed right before your eyes in the most amazing way. Not only will you be happier and more sensitive to others, you will also find your desires increasingly fulfilled!

Register Today!

Training workshop content:

 Beyond the unique theoretical content, this course is structured so as to foster self-dialogue. Through this dialogue, we hope you will delve into the greatest depths of your inner self. We are convinced that our coaching process and tools will transform your perceptions and feelings as well as your influence on your daily life. You will learn to zero in on specific goals in order to achieve them and will greatly increase your capacity to do so through concrete actions, all while maintaining a balance and respecting your well-being.


  • A.M.: Being open to self-integrity and your Heart’s vision
  • Being true to yourself and loyal to the reality YOU hope to create.
  • Practical exercises aiming to clarify your dreams, values and passions with authenticity.
  • Unlocking the full potential of Creative Visualization through the process of ATTENTION, INTENTION, ACTION AND NON-TENSION.
  • P.M.: Being open to the 7 universal laws
  • Exploring the 7 universal laws which govern your reality and better using them to build your life.
  • Capturing the echoes of the Universe and adjusting yourself according to the messages they containn


  • A.M.: Being open to transforming your limiting beliefs
  • Identifying your limiting thought systems among 11 thought schemes. Practical self-assessment and diagnosis exercises.
  • Self-sabotage: How to defuse and free your heart of self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours (5 methods taught).
  • Developing your emotional intelligence. Taking your life into your own hands by learning to better manage your thoughts and emotions.
  • Deprogramming session regarding financial objectives in order to open yourself to financial wealth.
  • P.M.: Being open to further opening your Heart
  • Group exercises to further open your heart.
  • Exercises to let go of past pain in order to open your heart as much as possible.
  • Delving into the Sacred Space of your Heart in order to reconnect with its Wisdom.
  • Preparation for the 21-day challenge and working with the 7 universal laws.

Program cost:

PRICE: $997 (plus taxes) for the 21-day adventure. The 2-day workshop includes lunch, snacks and parking. Kindly advise us if you would prefer vegetarian meals or if you have any food allergies.
•    50% off for a second participant who attends with you.
•    No cancellations or refunds shall be granted within 5 business days of the activity.
•    The activity is limited to a maximum of 12 participants!

Register now by clicking on the link below:
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Our guarantee
We are so strongly convinced of the benefits of this program that we guarantee your satisfaction or money back. There is only one condition: Participants must fully commit to the entire 21-day challenge.

Sunday, 10 January 2016 18:32

Self Leadership Power

Written by

Wake the corporate champion within.

LEADERSHIP POWER created and presented by Tina Poitras, Olympic athlete, entrepreneur and certified coach

Experience a new way to achieve superior performance: The LEADERSHIP POWER program, an unparalleled approach to developing and maintaining the highest and most authentic level of excellence, by leveraging the 8 key elements of all elite athletes.

This 30-day program aims not only to wake the champion within you, but also to help you achieve autonomy and become your own coach.
Basing ourselves on an Olympic training model, we will demystify the lessons used by high-performance athletes to bring out the best in themselves. You will then incorporate these methods into your personal and professional lives in a BALANCED and RESPECTFUL manner. Applying simple yet powerful principles, Tina Poitras will help you leverage and sustain the knowledge you have gained regarding this new self-leadership awareness, and offer you memorable coaching services over a 21-day period.

Over the course of this program, you will discover two powerful and unique experiences first hand:

   1.  A two-day training workshop to help you:

  • Demystify the so-called talent of high-performance athletes;
  • Understand the intricacies of the 8 elements which all champions-in-the-making practice to achieve extraordinary performances;
  • Discover concrete self-management tools which can transform and maximize the impact of your actions, thoughts and emotions;
  • Measure your actual progress by analyzing events from your daily life;
  • Take the time to reflect and define your strategies and tactics in order to move forward with your most exciting objectives in mind;
  • Awaken the intangible powers of your spirit and your thoughts through creative visualization.

2...followed by an accessible immersion program over 30 consecutive days in your own environment, in order to integrate the successful habits of Olympians. You will experience the following:

  • Instantly triggering concrete actions focused on attaining your life goals;
  • Unwavering focus and a culture of accountability thanks to the Athlete Training Booklet;
  • Group support and solidarity, as well as the daily guidance of an Olympic environment;
  • A mental process which will help tame stress, disorganization and daily job pressures;
  • Awareness of the habits which limit you;
  • Replacing exhaustion/stress with renewed enthusiasm, perseverance and courage;
  • Weekly 1-hour follow-up/coaching sessions with Tina via group conference calls throughout the 21-day challenge.
Why take part in this training program:
  • To take advantage of an approach which has been proven successful among hundreds of Olympic athletes and prominent business leaders.
  • To sharpen your focus and renew your energy and determination.
  • To delve deep into your body, focus your actions around your core priorities and get back to the basics.
  • To venture beyond your comfort zone.
  • To better manage your daily life.
  • To replace disorganization and/or exhaustion with great enthusiasm, perseverance and courage.
  • To benefit from a powerful platform which immediately triggers the appropriate concrete actions that are accessible to all and that will have a sustainable effect to help you integrate successful habits into your daily life.

The goal is not high performance in itself, but rather to optimize your potential by recreating the mental process and similar conditions to those of Olympic athletes preparing for competition. You will experience a higher level of awareness during the planning and execution of your targeted goals. This approach will bring you a new feeling of accomplishment and well-being. Meeting your objectives will become a natural result of the process.
Why coaching specifically for 30 days?

Why 21 days?

Rigorous studies have shown that actions must be performed repeatedly during a minimum of 25 to 30  days in order to develop and integrate new behaviors and to surpass oneself. This simple 2-day Olympic-style workshop will be followed by 21 days of unique coaching in order to PROGRESSIVELY sustain a state of mind and behaviors, one step at a time. These 30 days will raise you to new levels of performance optimization, awareness and well-being. You will exude authentic leadership, gaining the respect of your team and surroundings.

Training workshop content:

DAY 1 Introduction:

  • Demystifying the talent of Olympic athletes – a greatly over-estimated quality.
  • Explaining the mental process of a champion-in-the-making. This exercise will serve as the backdrop for various themes which will be explored throughout the day.

Recreating key conditions which are common to all champions

1. Getting back to the basics: Defining your objectives and the tactics which will help you overcome the challenge of your choice.
2. Personal analysis of current internal and external environments.
3. How to activate human behavior and fuel your pro activity.
4. Introduction to the power of creative visualization.
5. Introduction to and implementation of the 6 elements you must incorporate into your life in order to mimic an Olympic environment in achieving your objectives.


1. Become aware of the habits which limit you.
2. Balance the priorities in your life.
3. Time management: Establish your rhythm by alternating between the 3 time periods in order to create your Optimal Functioning Zone.
4. Preparing for the 30-day challenge: You will be asked to choose a professional objective and a personal objective which you will strive to achieve over the 30 consecutive days of the challenge. Our training guide will help you adopt and improve on new reflexes. You will use this guide daily throughout your 21-day challenge.•    Experience the unshakable focus and spirit of a true Olympian on the path to surpassing oneself.

  • Submit yourself daily to a rigorous productivity and self-analysis process without being self-critical, until you have fully incorporated healthy behaviors into your accomplishments.
  • Build and put in place a promising environment which will help you achieve success with your projects.
  • Establish and implement your optimal time management sequence.
  • Initiate a true shift in awareness regarding the obstacles which stand between you and the solutions that will lead to your goals.

Program cost:
PRICE: $1,150 (plus tax) Lunch on both days as well as snacks are included in the price. Kindly advise us if you would prefer vegetarian meals and/or if you have any food allergies.
PROMOTION: Get 25% off the price of your program by bringing along a friend to do the program with you. Your guest will get 25% off as well!
•    No cancellations or refunds shall be granted within 5 business days of the activity.
•    The activity is limited to a maximum of 12 participants!

Register now by clicking on the link below:
The workshop is followed by a 21-day program to help you consistently incorporate these 8 principles into your daily life.

Where:  Centre St-Pierre
1212 Panet Street,
Montréal, H2L 2Y7

Recommended dress code:
Comfort and relaxation wear are a must.

About Tina Poitras:
Tina Poitras is a business coach, speaker and trainer, as well as the founder of Namasté Leadership Inc.

Register Today

Sunday, 10 January 2016 18:29

Sales Power

Written by

Never again be perceived as just another salesperson. Stand out from 95% of your peers by becoming a confident consultant.

SALES POWER training workshop

We all hate being pitched a product or service by a salesperson. But we all LOVE MAKING PURCHASES...
How can you avoid being perceived as just another salesperson? How can you stand out among your competition and create winning conditions with integrity which will incite clients to buy? How can you maximize your business development efforts by being enthusiastic, proactive and contagiously confident?

On June 13 and 14, 2013, we COMBINED for the very first time two powerful programs which have been proven successful among hundreds of entrepreneurs, business executives and sales professionals:

DAY 1: We experiment with integrating the 8 key elements of an Olympic athlete into the pursuit of your sales objectives by means of the powerful LEADERSHIP POWER program approach.
DAY 2: The principles of the SALES POWER program are applied specifically to create a relationship of trust with potential clients, regardless of the product or service you are offering.
This 2-day workshop, followed by a 21-day immersion program, is a proven systematic approach which will help you:

Better define and express your offering:

  • Significantly improve your cold call success rate over the phone, and in setting up meetings with company presidents/decision-makers;
  • Stand out from the competition during exploratory meetings with potential clients;
  • Develop convincing arguments;
  • Handle any and all objections;
  • Generate sales;
  • Close sales more quickly, etc.;
  • Develop the behaviours and attitude which are essential to successfully generating ambitious revenues (proactivity, sales follow-up, measuring tools).

This training session was designed for:

This training session was designed for entrepreneurs, professionals, business executives and sales professionals who would like to gain new clients by targeting company presidents, in order to significantly boost their sales.
Why take part in this program?
You will strengthen your sales approach by broadening your knowledge of the 7 steps of the winning sales model, enabling you to gain the trust of decision-makers and close sales more quickly.


You will develop the know-how and skills you need to sell successfully. Course content is based on a proven structure which will support you over 21 days, helping you maintain behaviours, attitudes and priorities on a daily basis.
You will learn how to...

  • Close a sale:
  • Position your offer optimally for every customer;
  • Stand out from the competition;
  • Generate and close sales more quickly.
  • Handle objections:
  • Find out what is holding back your clients;
  • Develop convincing arguments/negotiations;
  • Learn to transform objections into sales opportunities.
  • Explore prospects:
  • Learn how to qualify your prospects;
  • Deal with gatekeepers;
  • Gain the trust of potential clients right from the very first call
Sunday, 10 January 2016 09:29

About Tina Poitras

Written by

Namasté is a Sanskrit word which means “the light in me honours the light in you.”

Our business, our method, our programs and our team are driven by deeply human values which are the cornerstones of success. Our business culture is defined by the following values:

  • Authenticity
  • Transparency
  • Commitment
  • Dedication
  • Courage
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Humility
  • Non-judgment

Our definition of authentic leadership:

Leadership is first and foremost a COMMITMENT OF THE SOUL, rather than heroism. Leaders are passionate about serving their teams and businesses, i.e., a greater cause.

They follow a CODE OF CONDUCT similar to that which high-performance athletes use to achieve their greatest human potential. This code of conduct entails qualities such as commitment, perseverance, courage, respect, equity, harmony, balance, well-being and sportsmanship.

A leader’s workspace is their sanctuary, where they carry out DAILY rituals in order to consistently fulfill their company’s mission. Leaders put their hearts and souls into every step and action they take. They lead by example through every word and action.

Learn more about our exclusive programs (clickable button which leads to Programs page)


  • 2001: Induction into the Temple de la Renommée [Hall of Fame] in Outaouais.
  • 1999: Woman of Distinction Award, Montreal Women's Y Foundation.
  • 1992-1993: Terry Fox Humanitarian Award, in recognition of her academic excellence at McGill University,
  • as well as her excellence in sports, humanitarian and community work (Canada-wide award).

Review some client testimonials (clickable button leading to Testimonials page)

Sunday, 10 January 2016 09:25

The Power of Our Methods

Written by

No one can make it to the Olympics on their own. Our method is based on a proven principle: High-performance athletes need an “Olympic environment,” where they receive moral and financial support, are provided authentic and open feedback from coaches, receive recovery care from a team of professionals, have the opportunity to mentally prepare, undergo medical assessments, and are supported by friends and family.

A code of conduct leads high-performance athletes to achieving their greatest human potential. This code entails qualities such as...

  • Commitment
  • Perseverance and courage
  • Harmony, balance and well-being
  • Respect and equity
  • Sportsmanship


The highest-performing leaders mimic the behaviours of high-performance athletes.

Any individual who achieves superior success reproduces, in one way or another, the behaviours and support network of high-performance athletes. The Namasté approach is unique in that it simply immerses you in a supportive environment akin to that of successful Olympic athletes, i.e., the key to their success. Over the course of our programs, you will adopt successful habits, and acquire the awareness and momentum needed to focus all of your energy specifically on creating the life you desire.

Developing the right reflexes

It is not the tools at your disposal but rather your BEHAVIOURS and SPIRIT which have the greatest impact on the achievement of your objectives. Studies have shown that a behaviour must be sustained for a minimum period of 21 days in order for a new reflex to be permanently integrated. A strong catalyst of continuous self-improvement, the Namasté method incorporates this powerful principle in a unique fashion.

The inspiration and motivation gained during workshops and training sessions are most often fleeting. Once new tools have been implemented in a participant’s daily life, a new comfort zone is created and his or her progress stagnates once more.

The Namasté method not only offers coaching during the two-day workshop, it also provides guidance during the daily execution of your individual 21 day challenge.

Over the  21 day period, participants are asked to fill out a training booklet daily. Each participant is paired with an assistant coach (another participant). The pairs are meant to assist, listen to and encourage one another for the duration of the program. Participants also take part in weekly group conference calls during the 21 day challenge.

For you, just as for any athlete, it’s all about spirit.

Whether you are taking on a training session or competition, every step, visualization and exercise is a sacred space. The Namasté method advocates leadership awareness throughout the process.

The following are the 4 powerful elements of the Namasté method:

  • The training booklet
  • The athlete’s Code of Conduct
  • Partnership and coaching
  • A challenge over 21 consecutive days, consisting of gradually repeating actions.

What results can you expect from the 21 day challenge?

  • Throughout your challenge, your perception will be transformed and your awareness will increase exponentially. This shift in awareness will increase your performance, efficiency, motivation, energy and confidence.
  • By withholding judgment, you will learn from your mistakes and defeats. You will develop the habit of picking up momentum without delay.
  • You will learn how to optimize your human potential and environment in a BALANCED manner, rather than performing by rote.
  • Incredible potential lies dormant within every one of us.

If you follow the principles of our method, you will radiate authentic leadership, driving you towards your goals and garnering the respect of those around you.

Sunday, 10 January 2016 09:23

Our Inspiration

Written by

Votre propre environnement à saveur Olympique

Toute personne qui suit la même méthode peut sensiblement atteindre les mêmes objectifs.

En tant qu’ancienne athlète olympique, Tina Poitras peut affirmer avec certitude que la réussite d’un athlète de haut niveau repose en grande partie non seulement sur un entrainement constant et délibéré, mais tout autant sur son équipe de soutien soit : Son environnement olympique. Notre méthode est sciemment conçue pour recréer les conditions de la réussite. Vous découvrirez rapidement en Namasté, cette puissante inspiration à saveur olympique et la grande similitude entre l’environnement olympique d’une athlète et l’environnement que vous devrez créer pour maximiser l’expression de votre plus haut potentiel. À travers la méthode et les programmes de Namasté, Tina Poitras, désire plus que tout vous partager l’importance de créer votre environnement de gens qui par leur support, leurs conseils et leurs interventions à divers niveaux, deviendront non seulement une source de motivation et de solidarité, mais surtout un facteur d’imputabilité soit : votre référence pour mesurer l’atteinte des engagements que vous prenez envers vous même.

Namasté vous assistera pas à pas, à travers l’exécution de nos programmes à constituer et maintenir cet environnement : catalyseur de l’athlète en vous.

Excellence is not just for the elite. All too often, talent is overrated at the expense of method. High performance results from a process accessible to those committed to reaching the top of their game.

TINA POITRAS | Double Olympian, entrepreneur, coach and engaged speaker

The Olympian Transitions to Entrepreneur

The quest for excellence animates all facets of Tina Poitras' life. Over the years, this aspiration to surpass herself leads her from success to success...

  • In 1992 and 1996, her determination as an athlete propels Tina to the Olympics in Barcelona and Atlanta.
  • In 1996, Tina transfers the principles of Olympic training to the business world, leading her to create Magma Photos, which became a leader in image distribution in Canada.
  • In 2004, Magma’s success attracts the attention of Bill Gates who acquires the company via Corbis and assigns Tina the direction of the Canadian chapter. Under Tina's leadership, the Magma Canada shows astounding growth. Her team is recognized as "the most positive and dynamic" of the company, which then extends to North America, Europe and Asia.
  • In 2010, Tina returns to entrepreneurship to create NAMASTÉ Leadership through which she cultivates her passion: Helping executives, managers, entrepreneurs and professionals achieve balanced high performance, with the utmost self-respect.

The Speaker, Trainer and Committed Business Coach

Tina Poitras is an accomplished businesswoman whose distinction lies in her authenticity, her communicative energy and the depth of her inner quest. Her approach and methodology redefine the essence of performance and the parameters of conventional leadership. Inspired by her Olympic and entrepreneurial journey, Tina’s conscious approach places balanced performance at the heart of various professional and personal contexts. Tina aspires to instil a conscious way of life supported by a proven method.

The Renowned and Award-Winning Entrepreneur

2015: The «Creativity Model» award granted by Réseau des Femmes d’affaires du Québec for the passion and innovation generated in Quebec’s Montérégie

2001: Inducted into the Outaouais Hall of Fame.

1999: The Women of Distinction Award granted by the Women's Y Foundation of Montreal.

1992-1993: The Terry Fox Humanitarian Award given by McGill University for Academic, Sports, Humanitarian and Community Excellence.

Figuring Tina Poitras

  • 1,500+ managers and professionals trained in 5 years
  • 1st company acquired by Bill Gates
  • 20+ years of experience to create/manage high-performing sales teams
  • Double Olympian in 10KM race-walk in Barcelona (1992) and Atlanta (1996)
  • 6X Canadian Champion
  • 30,000 hours of training in 24 years
  • 43,000+ kilometers traveled, 144 pairs of running shoes
  • 3 languages: French, English, Spanish
Namaste Leadership Florida Conference

Get in Touch!

Telephone: 450-653-0888                                             (or toll-free: 1.877-556-0888 )


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